Version 1

`EarthPol: Version 1.0 was the first version of the EarthPol Geopolitical Sandbox Server that consisted of approximately 200 towns, 40 nations and an average online player count of 50. Version 1.0 lasted approximately a month after its release in October 2020. Version 1.0 was closed after an exploit vulnerability with the BungeeCord Proxy setup was abused to gain administrative access to game server through '*' permissions.

The Great Hack

Meme showing the aftermath of the hack

The hackers had ruined the localized economy by giving everyone creative mode, as well as spawning in multiple items and giving everyone billions of gold in their economy accounts. In addition, they had griefed the entirety of Germany down to the void with WorldEdit. They further exploited a plugin to wipe backups from CoreProtect and an automatic backup system installed on the server at the time.

Key Events

Screenshot of the raid on Finland. By Wolfanize42

The Battle of Finland, occurred after the Nazi/racist & anti-LGBTQ Nation of Finland started war against all nation and players. The United Nations & other alliances formed together to start a battle against the Finnish and their leadership to put a stop against them once and for all after many raids and targeted harassment occurred against the marginalized people of the community. After multiple raids and banning of nearly 100 something alternative accounts, Finland was finally put to an end after their base and surrounding area was completely rolled back to natural order.

The first beacon on the server In Sydney, Australia

The First Beacon / Nether Star, Although a small event in the server, many see this as a big event as it was the first of its kind on the entire server. On the 26/10/20 the first beacon was obtained by Australia, the process of gaining this started as an Individual effort which then turned into a 3 nation effort towards the end. All 3 nations; Australia, West Australia and The Union. The beacon now sits at the centre of the capital of Australia, Sydney.

The Villager Snap. The villager snap was an event which made it so villager numbers per town were to be limited. This event was caused by a number of nations, but most notably the nation with the biggest influence was the nation of Australia. What Australia did to cause this change was on one person. The founder, Matty661. Matty661 built a highly efficient villager breeder which would have caused entity lag. It would be kept running until one of the staff members would message him telling Matty to stop the machine. (please edit if any misinformation)

First Elytra.png
The First Elytra on the server.

The Dragon Busters: On the 27/10/20, two members from different nations, Australia (Matty661)and Japan (Chairlatte) jumped into one of the newly released End portals which were located around the world. ~10 (+/-) minutes later both members had killed the Dragon. Japan had kept the dragon egg under the agreement that Australia was to get the first Elytra. This would lead to the gaining of the first Elytra and the only dragon egg on the server.

The Election Day Massacre: It all began when The unelected "President" of The Union, InvertedColors listened to the cries of his people and submitted to the demand of democracy in North America. InvertedColors authorized the independent hermit nation of Cascadia to instate a third-party election for North America. The candidates included MrAwsomeBurgers of Iowa, Quinitican of Illinois, InvertedColors of New York. The head of the election was Bolshebricks of Portland (Cascadia) & Zqppy of Longmont, Colorado. After many votes from all of the Union were received, the electors decided victory for MrAwsomeBurgers and InvertedColors refused to pass the office after a fair election the results were (TN[1] For Burgers, AL[2] Burgers, CO [1] Burgers, WA[1] Burgers,FL[1] Burgers, NB[1] Burgers, IA[1] Burgers IL[2] Quintincan, OR[2] Inverted, NY[2] Inverted) (or Simplified 8 votes for Burgers, 4 Votes for Inverted, 2 Votes for Quintincan) (The Popular vote was 15 for Burgers, 10 for Inverted, 5 for Quintincan) .

Unknowingly, Bolshebricks and InvertedColors had a deal to rig the election in favor of InvertedColors but failed after the smallest electoral states which included the majority of residents in the nation all voted overwelmingly for MrAwsomeBurgers before the election could be rigged. The United States of America was formed since Inverted Colors refused to give up office, which usurped The Union as the most populated nation on the server, Longmont Colorado then became the biggest most populated town on the server surpassing NewYork, The United States was independent, free and was prosperous for over a week till 5 men abused confusion and staff bias to launch a surprise attack on cities in the USA. Bolshebricks issued a state of emergency for Cascadia and declared that their sovereignty was in violation after MrAwsomeBurgers had made promises to retain Cascadian autonomy under a united American nation, which was seen as threatening to Bolshebricks. Therefore, Vice xTORAxX lead Cascadian Troops and allies to Colorado where they began an offline FlagWar Siege, taking over parts of the town one claim at a time, taking all their stuff and destroying their builds without any of them being online.

Eventually, Cascadia after attacking the citizens of the United States and having clear staff bias working towards them with flagwar not even being disclosed to the public until right when the "War" had started that MrAwsomeBurgers declared the USA was leaving the server. After this, a merge was initiated that forced every single town in North America under Cascadian rule without their consent leading to most players logging off and never logging back in again. "Elections" were then established by Bolshebricks with disqualifications for InvertedColors & himself to allow the United States to reform under a new nation with promises to not violate Cascadian sovereignty. The only registered candidate for the election was Rageus11 due to 30+ people leaving the server due to this incident. This would however never occur thanks to the Great Hack.

13608213-image l.png
A Mycenaean Palace in Cyprus.

The Mycenaean Flood, all while the Election Drama was occurring in the United States, a light-blue wave was sweeping across Asia, Africa and Europe in the form of the Mycenaean Empire. The nation had just gained rule over two of the largest nations in the server. The Mycenaean Empire was ruled with an iron fist by God Emperor Malibu_Kane (not yet a staff member). Malibu would go on to have the biggest nation the server had ever seen with nearly 400 residents and around 40-50 towns directly under rule. The Mycenaean Empire capital was Cyprus, a island outside of Greece, designed by Pancen.

Notable Statistics

Biggest Nation: Mycenaean EmpireBiggest Town: New York Key Players: MrAwsomeBurgers, InvertedColors, Dald, Quintican, Bolshebricks, Malibu_Kane, Zqppy,Server Breaker: Matty661

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