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The USSR (Soviet Union), otherwise known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a nation on EarthPol, founded on March 13, 2021. It is unknown when this nation disbanded. It was a federal Marxist-Leninist union of multiple Soviet republics, with its capital being Moscow. It was a one-party state governed by the Communist Party. MrAwsomeBurgers was the first supreme leader of the state, who then stepped down towards the end of the nation's existence.



Burger's return

On 2 March 2021, the server crashed and could not be backed up, causing a new version to be released. MrAwsomeBurgers, the leader of Britain in v2, decided to form the Soviet Union. Many of Burger's crew followed him, including Zqppy, Canucke and Hernan. Over time, the nation gained more members, the most famous would soon be RagnarBloodoath, former leader of Rome in v2.

Conflict with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

The USSR and the PLC border each other and developed a rivalry. It started when Burger tried to convince DODMof of Poland-Lithuania to not claim Finland as it was not a historical Commonwealth territory (even though the USSR never did have Finland). This however didn't develop the fierce rivalry between the two nations, it was the later border disputes and claim invasions that would rise up to a war. This ended in a Commonwealth victory after the USSR fell back from Warsaw after being butchered by Danish allies at the siege point.

Kiev and Border conflict

1 day after the server's release, InfernoTower established the city of Kiev, beating TonyLazutto in doing so. As Ukraine was claimed by the PLC but also the USSR, a border conflict ensued. This conflict saw failed diplomacy but an agreement was eventually reached. The Treaty of Kiev was signed, which states that a line will divide the claims of both nations and towns could not claim past the line. Both nations then were in a state of peace temporarily.

The Treaty Of Kiev. A copy is in the EPL discord.

The Minsk Scenario

TonyLazutto eventually made the city of Minsk, originally part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. When it joined the USSR on the 18th of March, the Treaty of Kiev had been violated (as Minsk was west of the line). Expulsion from the League of Europe continued, which caused Burger to declare war on the PLC. Meanwhile, Tony went on about how he did not like systems of government as they are very likely to lead to conflicts. He started conspiring and wanted to make an extreme libertarian nation in Nepal. Unfortunately, Quintincan deleted all fantasy nations that existed and ruined Tony's plans.

Meanwhile, MrAwsomeBurgers announced that all building projects would come to a halt and that all members of the nation were to use the outpost in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to mine diamonds and netherite. Kiev too set up an outpost, contributing to the nation's armament. Because of all of these, the Commonwealth "surrendered," and was to be annexed by the USSR.


The day members of the Commonwealth capitulated, some members of the PLC revolted against Soviet occupation (which hadn't officially been enacted yet, at the moment it was only paper and treaty), namely those of the Lithuanian state. One of these members was Duke CrucifiX, who didn't like the new treaty. On top of that, Grand-Duke VilkasXVii (2nd in command of the nation and head of the Lithuanian state in the Commonwealth) got into a car crash and was injured, thus being unable to play, which angered him even further. MrAwsomeBurgers then redeclared war on the PLC, but eventually reached a treaty. The Germans would take cities in the west and the Soviets would take the Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia leaving Lithuania as an independent nation. Poland would be a puppet of Czechoslovakia, with the cities of Krakow and Gdansk in it. In order to punish CrucifiX and former Commonwealth members, Burgers declared the PLC towns will have new mayors from the USSR (however this wasn't physically possible unless staff changed the mayors). This did not go to plan as the Commonwealth later reunited and was helped by its allies, who aided in driving the USSR out of the Commonwealth's capital, Warsaw, and re-securing most of their claims except for the Estonian capital Tallinn, as well as it's islands (temporarily). To this day though, the Commonwealth doesn't own the Estonian islands, which were settled by Denmark.



On March 25th, 2021, the USSR officially abandoned their siege on Warsaw.

After Apigale of Japan helped with negotiations, NoahTheGreat5 of Denmark helped with actually fighting off the group, and the PLC being weakened slightly did all they could to defend, and with numerous towns being peaceful and weakened force, would've failed without allied help. The Commonwealth was ready to start claim negotiations with the USSR again. The USSR strategically lost the first part of conflicts as in backing out of Warsaw and letting the PLC keep their claims with the exception of Tallinn, and Minsk. Although Tallinn would later be retaken, and Minsk joining the Commonwealth, but was soon abandonded.

4/1/2021, Secession of Tallinn

On April 1st of 2021 at midday Central Standard Time (CST), the town of Tallinn which had previously been in Commonwealth territory but was settled with a new owner, seceded from the Soviet Union. The owner of the town felt that he was not given the benefits that he was promised, did not have enough power in the government of his region, and that the USSR just didn't care about him or his town anymore.

This led him to join the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (PLC) that same day after a few hours of negotiating with DukeCrucifiX of Lithuania and talking with some other PLC members. This led him to decide that it would be best for him to join them and leave the Soviet Union. This resulted in the USSR feeling as if they have been betrayed so they started a conquest siege roughly seven hours after the secession of the Tallinn. The siege was very unpredictable, and was the largest siege the PLC had faced on (reclaimed) home soil. The USSR had many points but the Commonwealth with allies from SPQR, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Korea, and Ainz Ooal Gown took out the lead, approximately gaining a 30k point lead. Then this was taken away the next night by the Soviet Union and they got about a 20k lead. The next day the PLC and it's allied forces got about 26k, with the USSR getting the same that night. The next day with the USSR holding in the early hours with about a lead less than 30k. Then DukeCrucifiX requested the help of some from Ainz, Korea, Denmark, SPQR, and a few Kaisserreich members and of course as you all know Layhey. During the day (CST), allied forces held the banner. They got to about a 42k lead. Now this all went bad when the Soviets realized that they had 3 battle sessions left. So they got help from Oblock, US, and some other nations to help hold, They had about 15-19 people holding total. They were there for a couple minutes holding when Layhey, armed by CrucifiX with gapps and potts came over to the siege, he was only able to kill 1 attacker as the rest of them fled the siege zone. Then Layhey stayed there for most of the battle session. Not many people tried to kill him. Then after this the Russians held the banner for about the next battle session and got the PLC lead down to about 23K. They would definitely be able to hold and win the siege in 1 session considering how many people they had. After this Layhey went back over to the siege at the start of the new session. Remcodd from the SPQR stopped the attackers from being able to get banner control as he went in against all of them. He survived even while Layhey was there but died shortly after being double teamed by Shemu and Thicccc_Bois, but by the time that this double team happened Layhey had already killed 9 people at the banner. After Remcodd had died Layhey killed off Shemu and Thiccc_Bois making his kill count there 11 kills, giving the allied forces 2200 points and making it mathematically impossible for the Soviets to win with about 40 minutes left. Then after this the USSR went to the banner, they didn't cap it as Apigale, Remcoddd, Layhey, NoahTheGreat5, 7Fen, KawadaJP, and Ludwig_h came there about 10-15 minutes later and wiped all of them out, they then held the banner until the siege was over leaving the PLC and it's allies at about a 26k lead and the winners of the second siege on them by the USSR.


In the end, the USSR had emerged out of the conflict with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and it's allies bruised and in major division over MrAwsomeBurgers' leadership of the nation. Many wanted peace with the Commonwealth and to end hostilities at the very least, however Burgers kept hostilities on between the two nations until his eventual resignation. Upon Burgers stepping down from his post as supreme leader, the USSR and PLC were at peace, whilst remaining distant, and didn't engage much with one another. During this time the USSR went through many leadership changes, and eventually became the nation of Ruslavia, which shortly fell. As of 03/06/21, the former USSR/Ruslavia's capital Moscow fell intro ruin and was deleted.



The government positions had not been set up yet. Burgers was the Premier and Zqppy was the Vice-premier.


The USSR had the following towns.

  • Moscow (deleted)
  • Novgorod
  • Kiev (ceded to the PLC)
  • Tula
  • Minsk (ceded to the PLC)
  • Tallinn (ceded to the PLC)
  • Kazan
  • Leningrad
  • Helsinki (later capital of Suomi and the Nordic Union)
  • Makhnovia