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The S.P.Q.R (Senātus Populusque Rōmānus), formerly the Kingdom of Italy, is a sovereign nation in Europe and the largest in the server by population, population density, and economical affairs.

What now forms the S.P.Q.R were, at start, the nations of "Austria-Hungary", and "Ottomans"(in the version 2). Both these nations were each other's closest allies. Austria-Hungary (later Austrian Empire) was ruled by General_T123, while the Ottomans were ruled by SkippZ_. One day, the V2 of earthpol ended— all nations were gone. A V3 was under preparation— so SkippZ_ and General_T123 joined hands to form the Kingdom of Italy in the V3. After the V3 released, the nation was made with Rome as the capital. All former citizens of both nations (except a few) fled to Italy— the already massive two former nations had a combined population more than the Aztec Empire, Baja Empire, and Japan combined— so thus, they became the most populous.

Disbandment and reformation

Only a few hours after the formation of Italy, players were already filling the nation— but sadly, Rome did not get that much citizens. It stayed at 2 citizens. The maximum amount of players needed for a town to stay in a nation is 2— but if one of them leaves, the town automatically gets kicked from the nation— but if it's the capital town itself in this case, the nation gets automatically disbanded.

The same thing happened to Rome, and further to Italy. But thankfully, just the next day, Italy was reformed and everything was normal— Rome had more than 2 citizens so there was no chance of its population going below 2.

Golden age of Italy

Just 1 week after Italy formed, it was not far from 150— and 3 days later, it was not far from 200. Finally, it hit 200 one day and marked the first nation to do it in the v3— it exceeded Japan, UK, Korea, and many more nations which still had more interesting numbers in the v2.

At the same time, Italy was getting many mayors worldwide. Some towns which were not even in either Italy, Europe, or North Africa joined the nation. Many new towns also formed and joined the nation. Thus, Italy claimed a massive portion (it was keep on getting small as new towns kept filling in) of the map and earned two new titles— The nation with the largest land area, and The nation with the highest population density. Italy was getting crowded and crowded, so it had to increase its claims again and again. One day it lost the title of the largest land area but still had the second one. So Italy then extended its claims to the Iberian Peninsula— only the small east coast. But still, towns like Madrid, Lisbon, and more joined Italy— which were not even inside the Italian Spain part!

We call this period the Golden age of Italy. All of this will continue until one day— Oblock came.

The Great Italian Wars

The Coalition war

Oblock is a pvp gang that entered Earthpol not long ago, and they kept wrecking havoc. They seemed to be a joke at start because of this:

Teaburger (Leader of Oblock): "Oblock officially declares war on Italy"

Apqlle (Assistant of Oblock and Lebanon): "Oblock claims Italy"

Thus, they were killing many Italian citizens who came out of their town claims into the wilderness by settling at Italy itself. This eventually went to the staff— and they kept doing this— even to the Italian allies, who supported Italy. They soon formed a nation called Lebanon (Don't mind that they are not even at Lebanon, rather they are at Italy) and started sieging Naples, an important Italian town which was the second closest Italian town to Oblock after Rome, the first (only 5-10 chunks away). A whole Coalition (a type of war were all nations must ally with each other even if they are enemies to fight against a common enemy) formed against Lebanon, started by Japan. Many people assembled at Italy and started to fight. But Oblock was strong enough to defeat them— thus winning Naples— and bankrupting it so that it fell. Later they started Sieging Ravenna— but Italy won.

The Spartan War

Italy even fought a war with the Byzantines regarding Sparta— a town that once lived in the Byzantines but left them to join Italy. The war ended with Italy winning— as it was found that the Byzantines exploited a glitch to make them gain all points and make them seem to be winning even if Italy should get the points. 0xbit later found this and abandoned the siege. He then banned the few Byzantines who were exploiting and kept Sparta as an Italian town.

Ostrogoth Rebellion

Ostrogoths left Italy just before the SPQR was made due to talks of furthering expansion and the founding of the Roman Empire. The towns that left voted to leave in an overwhelming majority decision, with only one person out of fifteen, in all three towns, voting to stay. The decision was presented to the Emperor of Rome, who seemingly let them leave, but later told the Ostrogoths that they were misunderstood in believing they could leave.

The Ostrogoths have said they want to pursue Trade as their primary goal, rather than warfare. They have since founded an organization with the likes of Alaska, Benelux, and others, called the Non-Aligned Movement, which seeks to pursue every nation being allied with one another for trade reasons, and supporting peace globally.

Change into the S.P.Q.R

Later after peace finally reigned for the first time since The Great Italian War period, the nation officially announced their change into The S.P.Q.R (Senātus Populusque Rōmānus).

Note: This is separate from Italy, the Nation ,as of the renaming to S.P.Q.R and is unrelated to it. It is also so noted that they, Italy and S.P.Q.R, are enemies

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