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Nueva Castilla was a tri-monarchy inside Latin America that existed between October 11th and November 17th (officially). It's leader was Psycha_, but was also ran by Shadowcreed and later Snow_Russian


Early History


Joining V4, the union started with solely Uruguay. Psycha_ had invited their friends to the server and planned to become a peaceful nation. Their hand was eventually twisted into joining the Latin Union and remained a member until a few weeks before its dissolution. They later joined the ACTO where they found their closest allies and worked with close partnership with the United States and Mexico.


Uruguay's closest ally, Mexico, was sieged by allies of RomanDiCario, and they therefore joined the war. Although not much action was seen by the nation, they contributed a large percentage of the total manpower in the battle. The leader of Uruguay, Psycha_, and Mexico's CptAxis later went to the Spanish Empire (when Roman was still a part of it) and "did a little trolling." Psycha_ and YourLeftHandMan_ briefly went on a visit to Europe, where they encountered two Israelestan members and fought them to a draw.


Uruguay chose to be small for the time being and made no large attempts at gaining land, other than dreaming of an idea of a "South Altantic Union."


Santa Vitoria, the then capitol, was being constructed. The idea was to build shops along a naval port, but it was never realized as focus was put on Montevideo soon after.

Later history


Montevideo was founded by Psycha, hoping to be a major city (it did not become one). Talks between the leader of Rio de la Plata, Shadowcreed, and Psycha formed up. Despite John_117's protests, the two merged to become the South Atlantic Union. Furthermore, when Mexico was to be handed over to RomanDiCario, Psycha sent a merge request as a joke, and what can only be called "a little bit more trolling," CptAxis accepted it. Mexico was then incorporated into the union, which later came to be known as the Viceroyalities of Nueva Castilla (although nobody used the title). Psycha sent their friend Snow_Russian to go manage it, which he did effectively for the time.


Border crises were brought up between Gran Peru and the South Atlantic Union at the time of the merger, but a peaceful agreement was reached due to ACTO intervention.


The nation once again found itself in a never-ending struggle with RomanDiCario and his goons, with the battle at Buenos Aries being its most humiliating battle. Psycha_ and YourLeftHandMan_ were slaughtered by an Israelestan pvper after not being prepared for battle, and it crushed morale inside the nation.



Psycha, Shadowcreed, and Snow_Russian all worked as tri-monarchs within the union. Major decisions were held by as a vote and majority ruled.

Notable People

Psycha, Shadowcreed, Snow_Russian, P1gsfly, YourLeftHandMan_


The ACTO and Latin Union (former)