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Noregr, known officially as Hauhaz Konungr Noregr, is The High Kingdom of Noregr and Greater Norway.


Noregr hails it's members from Iceland, then Ireland, the nation's name was Icebergia. The capital of Icebergia was Höfuðborgin, meaning "The Capital" in Icelandic. As Noregr's founder's are Vikings, they still retain the same stations and places in the world as they did previously.

Early History

Founding: Noregr was founded on October 23rd, 2021, one month after Icebergia's fall

Wars: Noregr has never participated in a war, however Icebergia was destroyed by one against Iceland and it's allies

Expansion: Into Bretland

Projects: Þórr's Hammer

Later history

Growth: N/A

Events: N/A

Wars: N/A

Development: N/A


The now High King, formerly High Chief, Tac/Torm, acts as the diplomatic leader of Noregr. The Government style is that of a Traditional Viking "Thing", where the Jarls of The nation vote on things. The Althing is where the King, Tactician, and Jarls, such as Alfred_I. gather to decide on the future.

Notable Builds

Stóra bókasafnið (The Great Library - W.I.P)

Notable People

Tactician_T - High King of Noregr (Formerly Ireland, Formerly Icebergia)

Hadi The Relentless - Great Warrior and Builder

Formerly, Alfred_I - Jarl of Rasjik

Gawgitta - King of Norelaw (Bretland), Author of Gaw's Log


The High Kingdom of Noregr holds an alliance with only those they trust, allowing no others on their white shores, considering it illegal Immigration and/or trespassing.

  • The Moroccan Empire - Trade & Military Alliance
  • The French Empire - Trade & Military Alliance
  • The North Alliance - Trade & Military Alliance

Map of The High Kingdom's Claims

The High Kingdom of Noregr claims the lands that follow on the map below.


The High Kingdom of Noregr hails from Norse Background and seek to unite all Norse Isles. The HKN allows any and every type of people, as long as they help further the goal of the HKN.

Religion - Asatru

Noregr is the founding place of the Pagan Religion of Asatrusim- For those uninclined in the knowledge of that word, it's the religion that Odin, Thor, Skalli, and many more Gods reside. The difference between most religions and Asatru is that Asatruists acknowledge the existence of the other Gods in this world, such as The Moroccan Empire's Pyro - God of Light. The only religions Asatruists disbelieve and find a gross misconception, are the ones that would limit other nations, cultures, and civilizations from praying to what it is that they do so believe in, such as Gran Peru's Christian Religion.