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This template only shows the basics required for a nation wiki, feel free to add content wherever you wish to.

Basic details about the nation (founding, basic history, present situation, leadership/government, residents/towns, etc).

Use an infobox for a picture of the flag/coat of arms, Founding date, Leader, Capital, Location, Government type, Largest City, Previous Leaders/Capitals, Number of towns/residents, Assistants, Generals etc, and anything else that you think is important.


Create subdivisions for different periods in the history of the nation (what counts as different periods is up to you), and further subdivisions for events such as wars, changes in the government, projects, etc. For newer nations subdivisions may not be necessary.

Example below

Early History





Later history






Mention the leader, and different people considered to be a part of the government as well as the role they play in governance.

Notable Builds

Not necessary, includes famous builds in the nation. Add pictures.

Notable People

Again, not necessary, includes people who have played an important role in the nation/the server as a whole, in the present or past. Create a list for this section

Other Possible Headings

The following are not required but it's recommended to have at least something extra for your town page. Most are applicable to most nations.

  • Alliances
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Maps
  • Culture
  • Anything else that you think is important

Infobox Template

You can (and must) use this infobox template for your nation wiki page. Of course, delete the caption to add yours. You can go in "edit source" and copy paste the infobox into your nation page.