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The Kingdom of Oucidoria (You-kid-or-e-ah) was a nation on EarthPol situated in modern-day Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi. It was an absolute monarchy led by King Fletcher178 and his advisory council. The current capital city was Palapo. It is unknown when this nation disbanded.


Following the demise of the Recrafted Civilizations Version 7.0 (I know big number), Fletcher178 took his remaining followers (the former nation of Colombia, his old allies from Great Britain, as well as close ally and friend Choochoo500 from Korea with several Korean members) and scouted for a server to call home. Following their latest exodus from a failed historical RP server, the group noticed the start of Earthpol Version 3 and began to bring their misadventures here again.

Exile from Hainan

Following their introduction to the server, the group came across the region of Hainan, south of China. While preparing the gold reserves to start a town, on the evening of the 18/03/21 a detachment from the Empire of Japan settled a city on the coast, directly next to the region of the planned settlement. Scouting parties were set up on the behest of Fletcher to assess the threat of the Japanese settlement as he tried to contact the Japanese Head of State Kawada to negotiate a partition of Hainan. On the 18/03/21 at 23:31pm GMT a spy, assumedly Antikaiblaze from the initial Korean members, told Japanese member Cubs_ false information regarding Oucidoria's intention saying it was to "drive the Japanese out of Hainan". Once contact was eventually made with the Japanese head of state, the aggressive stance of the Japanese forced the Oucidorians to flee Hainan under threat of military assault. Despite major reluctance, Fletcher, realising the vastness of the Japanese Empire and despite having close connections to many major nations, was forced to occupy the site of Sulawesi in modern Indonesia, forbidden to expand from said island with fear of Japanese military conquest.

Founding of Oucidoria

After their premature exile from Hainan and finding themselves landing at Sulawesi, the group managed to consolidate their resources finally and create their starting town of Palapo, under the mayor _Toxi. As of writing the town is still under construction.

Government and Offices

The Kingdom of Oucidoria was an absolute monarchy with the current King being Fletcher178

The Kingdom also contained a ministerial council containing several key ministers:

Royal Advisor: Choochoo500

Grandmaster of the Knights St Charles: Aglarian (P. W. Van Buskirk)

Lord Admiral: King of Jordanistan

Chief of Logistics: _Toxi

As of that moment in time, there was only 1 mayor in Oucidoria, that being _Toxi who was mayor of Palapo



The Oucidorian national anthem was an orchestral version of Viva la Vida from the Band Coldplay. It was chosen due to the Initial 8's connections to the now deceased Recrafted Civilizations Historical RP/Geopolitcs server following the collapse of multiple kingdoms. Given the fact that many were parts of the major factions, the lyrics "that was when I ruled the world" are quite poignant and it was commonplace for Mayor Toxi to cry.


The Kingdom of Oucidoria had 4 Flags:

National Flag

National Flag.png

Eight-pointed Star: The Initial 8

Dutch Lion: Location is in the former Dutch East Indies

Yellow Stripe: Royal Lineage

Green: Our land

Blue: Our seas

White: Prosperity and Freedom

Royal Flag

Royal Flag.png

Yellow: Victory and Prosperity

Blue: The seas the royalty controls

Green: The lands the royalty controls

Naval Flag

Naval Flag.png

War Flag

Battle Flag.png

Red: The blood of our enemies

Yellow Stripe: Royalty's command and survival in times of war

Gold: Victory

Black: The death our enemies shall get


  • While being mayor of Palapo, _Toxi was formerly leader of Colombia on Recrafted Civilizations before being ousted from power by Fletcher through a coup planned for 3 straight weeks
  • The nation of Oucidoria, while small in terms of official population size, actually has an available pool of 73 active service personnel under what is known as the 'Clown Car Directive' due to Fletcher178's close contacts with a large majority of the RC civilizations plus other groups outside.
  • Initial plans for the nation were for it to be set up in Indochina and be known as the Indochinese Liberation Front, a democratic communist movement campaigning for the liberation of Indochina, however discovery of the Viet Cong faction (Now since deceased) as well as the evacuation from Hainan dashed these hopes and instead the Kingdom of Oucidoria was created.
  • Despite multiple links to the higher ups of the key Earthpol players such as the former leader of the PLC DOD_mof, Oucidoria remains constitutionally neutral on most foreign wars.
  • Despite seeming like your average member of a Minecraft block-game server, Aglarian is actually also a member of the Freemasons
  • Citizen FF_Chara was a former brewer for the Korean government back on Recrafted Civilizations