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Great War
Date 17 December 2021, 16:00 UTC — ongoing
Location Europe (Austria, England, Germany, Serbia and Switzerland)
America (Venezuela and Falklands)
Asia (China and Turkey)
SPQR2.png Holy Albanian Empire (SPQR)
Ryukyu.png Ryukyu
Earth.png Great Britain
Hokkaido.png Hokkaido
Iberia.png Iberia
PestEmpire.png Pest Empire (since 26/12)
Supported by
German Empire3.png German Empire
SPQM.png SPQM (until 22/12)
GermanEmpire2.png Deutschland
QinDynasty.png Qin
Earth.png Earth
Hawaii Provinces.jpg Hawaii Provinces
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
SPQM.png SPQM (since 22/12)
Ostrogothic Kingdom2.png Ostrogothic Kingdom (since 22/12)
Crimean Khanate.png Crimean Khanate (since 22/12)
CrusaderStates.png Crusader States (since 26/12)
DutchEastIndies.png Dutch East Indies (since 26/12)
African Empire (since 29/12)
Balgool Corp (since 30/12)
Commanders and leaders
SPQR2.png General Apigale
SPQR2.png Conclusionz
SPQR2.png NoahWasBlack
SPQR2.png Fratzy Brothers
Ryukyu.png King KawadaJP
Earth.png DonutSlayer
Earth.png Hibitt
Earth.png WSZN
Hokkaido.png yukiJP
Iberia.png Leka_Epico
German Empire3.png GeneralT_123
PestEmpire.png Emperor GoulashDaddy
GermanEmpire2.png General NimbKied
GermanEmpire2.png Vice-Allgemein Ivze
QinDynasty.png Emperor 1ett
QinDynasty.png 7ett
Earth.png King arescartier
SPQM.png RomanDiCario
Ostrogothic Kingdom2.png Viewed_
Crimean Khanate.png OsmanBarber
CrusaderStates.png King Argaeus
DutchEastIndies.png WilusaWarrior
50—55 mobilized 55—60 mobilized
Casualties and losses
+1050 +1400

The Great War is an ongoing conflict between the world's main powers: SPQR (now Holy Albanian Empire), Deutschland, Qin, Earth, Hokkaido, Ryukyu and Great Britain. It started on 17 December 2021 at 16:00 UTC after the Romans launched two sieges on German towns Feldkirch and Munich.


The Germans and Romans along with their allies have been involved in a "Cold War" (series of proxy wars or small fights) since late November, which seemed to have calmed by the Okinawa Pact signed after the bloody Battle of Budapest.

The German side claimed the reasons for SPQR to invade were none, while the Romans stated that Deutschland broke the Okinawa Pact earlier, not clarifying how or when though.


17 December: Invasion begins

With help of KawadaJP, the Romans striked two sieges at Feldkirch and Munich on the afternoon of 17 December. There was no response from the German Army, as the attack was done at a time when most of the soldiers were offline (probably on purpose). These double-siege offensive was also unexpected by the German commanders, though the Erzherzog nickykied had predicted one two weeks earlier.

Despite the lack of defenders, German allies from Qin, Earth, Hawaii and Mexico went first to Feldkirch, then to Munich to help. They quickly found out the attackers in Feldkirch were too many to be able to make progress, so they gave up that town (being the second biggest in Deutschland) and went to Munich instead, which had way less attackers. They attempted offensives rallying from Salzburg and bombed the Roman positions at once, but couldn't pierce in the battlefield.

Revolts in Deutschland

While fighting was happening, Berlin (led by GeneralT_123) decided to leave Deutschland as they did not want to fight SPQR directly (they had friends there) and made a nation called 'Germany' to be a subject of SPQR. New Wolfsburg and Hamburg followed him stating the same reasons. Salzburg and Düsseldorf declared they would stay on Deutschland to death. After all this, Great Britain, aware of Deutschland's inability to defend three towns at once, decided to finally siege Truro (the disputed town on the south-west of Great Britain owned by the Germans), with this town joining Earth later.

On 18 December at 1 AM UTC, the government of Munich decided to surrender their siege and leave Deutschland, Berbery left too. The German Army Elite, along with Qin and Earth, started to offer resistance at Feldkirch, but the Hokkaido Army arrived and outnumbered them, forcing most of the defenders to stay inside the bunker next to the banner. Doing this, they couldn't make much damage more than trapping although they made SPQR lose +70k points out of the 320k they had.

18 December: Attackers advance

With little German resistance due to the lack of manpower, SPQR (helped by Hokkaido) continued advancing on the siege of Feldkirch and also a bit on Lugano. After this, Hokkaido started a siege on Hong Kong (capital of Qin) and thus extended the conflict to Asia. The other ally of Deutschland, Earth, was as well defending the town of Truro from Great Britain although the British won lots of points earlier and made it impossible for the defenders to comeback. The government of Earth then decided to merge with Deutschland, as the leader arescartier announced he would be quitting EarthPol. However, he regretted later.

The newly-made Germany merged with Prussia and kept gaining influence through Europe, although not being involved directly in the war. Sweden may also have felt the effects of this war, as their towns passed from Earth's hands to a civil war between the loyals to KingMista (Stockholm) and the loyals to ImASaltyPenguin (Malmö).

19 December: Instability in Europe grows

On Hungary, the mayors panicked that the nation could be invaded easily as Deutschland was already falling apart, so four towns first joined SPQR to avoid being sieged and then made their own nations starting a mutual civil war against the king GoulashDaddy. The following nations were made in Hungary:

  • Pest Empire (Pest): led by those loyal to GoulashDaddy
  • Pannonia (Zágráb): leaders of the rebellion against Goulash
  • Tátra Aja (Tatraalja): followed the lead of the rebels from Zagrab
  • Debrecen Republic (Debrecen): randomly created for no reason, disbanded the next day.

On Sweden, the Swedish Civil War came to an end as ImASaltyPenguin disbanded Malmö, while on Great Britain, the town Glasgow declared independence and made Scotland. Later, some soldiers from Deutschland executed an expedition to the Falkland Islands where a SPQR puppet nation was just established.

At night, the armies of Deutschland and Qin headed to Hong Kong's outpost to help on the siege. Hokkaidan and Roman soldiers ambushed their fortress and bombed it during a fight inside, killing most of the defenders in the process.

20 December: Deutschland re-builds

Shortly after the siege of Feldkirch ended, the Kaiser grantykied was able to convince the mayors of New Wolfsburg, Hamburg and Linz to rejoin the empire. Hannover joined later on.

21 December: Roman fake rebellion and expansion in America

On the afternoon, SPQR attacked the German town of Socialist Guerilla on West France (it was actually a part of Earth) and a new nation called "Ottomans" backed the defenders, but later on, when some German soldiers were defending the town alongside allies, the Ottomans unallied everyone they allied and killed the defenders, thus getting their sets. This incident was widely repudiated afterwards, as a dirty strategy from SPQR to acquire necessary resources to extend the war.

Mexico (owned by RomanDiCario) renamed to SPQM claiming to be the Roman Empire in America (now allied to SPQR), and willing to expand through all the continent, first sieging Maracoveedo.

The revolts in Hungary calmed down after the rebel nations were disbanded along with their capitals.

Later, a revolt occured in the Falkland Islands where three towns had formed a "puppet nation" linked to SPQR previously. One of these towns (East Falkland) decided to rebel and switch to the side of Deutschland while the two towns in West Falkland joined SPQM still backing SPQR.

22 December: SPQR leaders banned, Deutschland counterattack

One minute after the day began, CharlieAW7, LShadow35, Cheeseloopins, Mastifly, Apigale, SkippZ_, KawadaJP and SmallMigrant were banned for 7/14 days because of the previous incident of making a fake rebellion and unallying the fake rebels' allies (SPQR enemies) to kill them and get their items. Certaria (a town of SPQR) left and made the Gothic Horde. Luxembourg also left to join Earth.

Taking advantage of the bans, Deutschland sieged Istanbul (major town in SPQR) at 2:10 UTC and gained 70k points on the first session with help of Qin, Earth and SPQM. At 2:40 UTC, Earth sieged Edinburgh (major town in Scotland, part of Great Britain) with the help of Deutschland gaining 30k points and fighting inside the city against some British and Roman enemies. Later on, the fights intensified while Hokkaido arrived and the German and Earth soldiers started disconnecting, though a few stayed and bombed the siege zone until early hours on the morning. Hokkaido and Great Britain together could then control the banner with some difficulty though due to the aerial bombings, and got ahead on the score by 40k points.

On the afternoon, the EarthPOL staff cancelled the siege of Istanbul and increased all SPQR's siege immunity to 6 days, so it would end when most of the banned members got unbanned. This was received as very bad news on Deutschland as the Germans considered this unique chance to make it fair against the Romans' warmongering.

23 December: German allies advance

By 23 December, SPQR practically gave up on fighting seriously after the bans and Deutschland and Earth didn't have major issues with gaining points quickly at Edinburgh, winning for 116k by 11 PM UTC. On the other hand, the Ottomans (close ally of SPQR) had sieged Belgrade, one of Gothic Horde's towns (led by Certaria, a former SPQR town which turned against them). This last siege did not go well for the attackers, as the Gothic Horde fighters (skilled on PVP) managed to gain banner control with ease and were winning the siege by -122k points at 11 PM UTC.

SPQM collapse

The new Rome of the America's seemed to be a rising power in this conflict sieging towns like Jamaica and Maracoveedo and winning, for a small moment.After a while due to the advantage of skilled fighters from the Latin American Union (Panama, The Caribbean, Gran Perú, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina) with help from minor generals of the SPQR as well as friends such as NotsoJuicy , Notsokristy, and EricdeViking. Normal infantry from the invading forces such as Desutch or Mexican soldiers couldn't didn't budge the defense, only skilled infantry from Qin can really allow the defense to have a struggle though due to decesive battling and timing, the defending forces got a 100k lead in points from the invaders, at that point RomanDiCario the leader of SPQM had a mental breakdown, disbanded SPQM, as well as griefed his own town.

24 December: SPQR revolts

The first major revolt on SPQR was executed by Certaria (Gothic Horde), backed by Genoa and Belgrade. These towns created the Ostrogothic Kingdom.

Later, another revolt occured on Turkey, where Bursa (led by xTurkishCoffe) created the Anadolu Selçuklu Empire, backed by Adana, Edremit, Sakarya, Valletta, Gelibolu and Vienna (who left Deutschland). They also enemied the nation of Kazakhstan for having an outpost within their claims.

25 December: Rebels grow

The influence of the Ostrogothic Kingdom grew substantially during Christmas Day, since Graz, Split and Siberia joined.

Due to the losses suffered on the past days (still half of SPQR's side losses), Deutschland was surpassed by the German Empire on the /n list by having more residents. One of Deutschland's newest settlements (led by fellow ally 1ett) west of rival Berlin grew in size and residents, and the Deutsch influence reached the Caucasus, as the town Krasnodar joined. Earth as well had Edinburgh and Cardiff to leave Great Britain and join them, and the British town Birmingham left automatically due to lack of residents.

26 December: SPQR members unbanned

All those who were banned on 22 December were unbanned by 0xBit after he discussed the situation with the admin KeijoDPutt. They joined the server back right after they got unbanned, and the rebel Ostrogothic Kingdom sieged Venezia (a major town of SPQR). Several allies came to help, and nations like Hungary and Falklands turned against the Deutsch side once again. Picturesque got banned for alting and team killing on the siege. Despite all these events, the attackers dominated the siege zone for most of the time. SPQR renamed to Holy Albanian Empire after the unbans.

27 December: SPQR gains control

Although some attackers stayed over the night, the Hokkaidans arrived on Venezia being loyals to SPQR once more, and helped to comeback the siege points as the Ostrogothic side was winning by 250k. Hours later, they would be winning by only 100k, and at 4 PM UTC, the last push was executed by SPQR and Hokkaido, with 21 people capping around the banner and patrolling around Laibach (attackers' main base) to hunt any enemies that attempt going to the siege zone. Thus, there was basically no combat this session other than two failed offensives made by the Ostrogoths. At the same time, Deutschland sieged Xining, a town owned by Franz15, a very infamous person inside Deutschland.

28 December: SQPR dominates the sieges

Venezia was already dominated by SPQR, as this time they played more tactical than ever: they blocked the main attacker path from Laibach to Venezia with soldiers patrolling and they set a cobweb roof around the banner to stop TNT minecarts and thus made it impossible for the enemies to take advantage from the skies either.

The main focus was now on the siege of Xining, and though the Deutsch alongside Earth made good progress, the attackers crumbled with the arrival of Hokkaido and SPQR, making it difficult to control the banner. Hours later, as Hokkaido have capped overnight as they always do, the siege was considered lost just as Venezia.

29 December: SPQR sieges Linz

On the afternoon, SPQR had decided to siege Linz, another major town within Deutschland. The spot chosen for the banner to be placed was very close to where the Xining siege was at, allowing both attackers and defenders to go from Xining siege to Linz siege in a few minutes. This advantage, though, wasn't used much as the Xining siege was pretty much a defeat for Deutschland and allies already. On the late sessions, Deutschland brought Roman advance to a stop and made around 300k points in 3 sessions.

30 December: Fights in Linz

The fights in Linz were gradually bigger and tighter, while the Deutschland and Earth stayed up later than ever to defend the big town. After some sessions of fighting, African Empire decided to back off from the siege, rejoining back shortly after. Initially, SPQR was able to bring the negative siege balance down to -16k (almost taking the lead), but Deutschland stopped their progress again and made several thousands of points on the next sessions, with a record-breaking 30 soldiers capping for the defenders.

Edinburgh decided to leave Earth after some discussions, thus rejoining Great Britain.

1 January: Linz captured

Deutschland was ahead for more than 400k points, but the New Year truce kicked in late (0xBit apparently forgot) and when it ended, 25 attackers gained 200k points in only three sessions, taking advantage of timezones once again in the war. After these sessions passed, more allies of Deutschland started showing up, but they were outnumbered all the time, and despite one session won, they could not stop SPQR from winning the siege with 120k points.

3 January: Deutschland breaks apart again

After the loss at Linz, some towns (specially newest and oldest ones) started leaving the nation for the fear of getting sieged just like the first time. This time, despite only a few towns left the nation, Deutschland itself became so inactive as it was never seen before, with some of their key people stating they would either move to another nation or quit the server.