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Great Britain, also known as the British Empire and non-officially as the UK, is an independent nation founded following the delay of Nebula, for which the old members of the Byzantine Empire moved across Europe to settle in the once-active British Isles. The nation is currently made up of 11 towns: London (the capital), Edinburgh, Plymouth, Southampton, Tees Valley, Liverpool, Dundee, York, Hull, Cardiff and Norwich, making up the regions of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Nation Overview


The British Government is split into 3 parts: the Monarchy, House of Lords, and House of Commons. The Monarch (King) serves as the nation's leader, while the House of Lords works to assist the King in international affairs and diplomacy. House of Commons are elected officials who work to boost the nation's domestic enterprises and ensure the general wellbeing of all towns in the nation. Within the House of Commons are the General, Architect, and other positions that allow players to take greater independence and assist the nation as a whole in their own specialties.

Player History

Many members in Great Britain have been playing earth servers for well over a year. They have created many great nations on these servers, however EarthPOL V3 marks the first time where they all came together in a super-merge to create a large and powerful country -- the Byzantine Empire -- at the launch of V3. After the victorious Spartan War, however, many players became inactive and were no longer motivated to play within the Byzantine Empire, leading some players to form towns under Germany.


Many players within Byzantine were excited for the launch of Nebula, as a larger map and a fresh start meant more opportunities to create the United Kingdom from the ground up. After the delay of it though, SliverSlide contacted 0xBit about transferring ownership of London, whose mayor had not been on for 2 months, to SliverSlide and then to HamHamHam_ to create Great Britain, allowing the players whom were hyped for Nebula to still enjoy playing in the same nation. Many from the Celtic_Union were not happy about the transferring of ownership of both London and Edinburgh to the ex-Byzantines, claiming they had already contacted staff beforehand about making their own members the mayors, however the deletion of the support discord mired this process. Great Britain is still in ownership of Edinburgh and London.

Greater London Infrastructure Plan

Otherwise known as the London Plan, the Great London Infrastructure Plan was announced by King HamHamHam_ and the House of Lords as a means to engage players and create a grandiose Minecraft version of London. It is one of the largest infrastructure plans on the server, outlining the complete demolition of Old London and building a new city directly on top of its ruins. Old London refers to the builds made by QueenH, a past staff member of EarthPOL who left the server along with her nation's playerbase. Upon surveying the builds and resources of London, many ex-Byzantine members described it as a ghost-town: materials were still in furnaces, roads has been stopped mid-way through, and there were tons of building materials, suggesting the departure of QueenH was sudden for even members of London and the rest of the nation. As part of the London Plan, a museum will be constructed highlighting Old London, achievements of Great Britain, and builds from past earth servers. The London Plan will feature the following:

  • Wider canal, streets, and bridges
  • Large Westminster Palace
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Townhouses/General Buildings
  • Parks
  • Market stalls

Celtic Union Conflict

Upon moving to the British Isles, conflict expectingly escalated between the Celts and Brits as House of Lords members began contacting mayors of Celtic cities on the British Isles about joining Great Britain to create a unified territory. After much back and forth, including pushback from the leaders of the Celts and Brits, the Celts attempted to negotiate by offering peace in exchange for placing one of their members in charge of Great Britain, for which the Brits immediately denied. Other grievances include players impeding building progress, the killing of King HamHamHam_ by a Celtic player, and other annoyances. A bombshell leak from inside the Celtic Union's War Room revealed a screenshot showing the Celts were planning to siege a British Town around May 29, 2021. King HamHamHam_, along with approval from the House of Lords, immediately declared war on Norwich, England, a few minutes later to serve as an indirect warning to future Celtic war plans.

Anglo-Celtic War

Despite Norwich not actually being in the Celtic Union in-game, the leader had roles in their discord and the Celts acknowledged that SirDany_, the leader of England, acted as an extension of the Celtic government. The siege started on May 29, 2021 with the placing of a Scottish flag banner outside the borders of Norwich, signaling the first war on the British Isles since the launch of V3. There was very little pushback from England/Celtic Union, allowing Great Britain to quickly earn 120k+ points in the siege. A peace treaty was signed transferring mayorship to House of Lords member SliverSlide, with the immediate surrendering of the siege in exchange for 2,500 gold.

The Scottish Wars

Siege of Edinburgh


Siege of Dundee


Federation Countersiege