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Gran Perú, known officially as La Gran Republica Del Perú is a Grand Confederation (a "centralized-decentralized" system of governance inspired by the success of La Plata in EMC) in South America.

It is one of the biggest player in the Americas, and one of the most powerful too. It is the first nation to have been created in South America, and Lima was one of the first, if not the first town in South America.

Current State



Early History

Arrival to the site of modern Lima

The Cross of Lima

Marley1111 and John_117 joined Earthpol on the server's release day and immediatly spawned in the southern part of Southern America. They immediately ran to the coast (despite the risk of famine due to the lack of food) as to travel faster to the site of Lima via boat. They joined together somewhere around in Chile, and then sailed to the site of Lima, where they built a cross celebrating the soon-to-be founded Gran Peru on the way (near).

Around this point, 89AbogadoPeruano, an important figure in Peruvian history, joined the server and started walking toward the site of Lima. He would be followed by many of the founding figures of Peru, such as Oli_Ch, I_AM_DEEEEEEEP, Spider, Dragon1 (Who is the first player to ever have been slain in Epol V4), and many more.

Dragon1's murder, the first on the server, only a few dozens minute after the start (He may also have been the first player to have died overall, on memory)

As to have all these members be able to join the site of Lima easily, John and Basto started mining in the mesa mountains behind the coast of Peru. While there were one or two miners who went near them and frightened them, those soon left, and for the next few days, they started mining for gold in hotspots.

Peruvian Mining Facility

At the time, the existence of gold hotspots was known by only a part of the server's population, and Lima quickly became a very rich (compared to the nation of the world, and for its population) city. Indeed, the caves in north-west South America are very rich in gold blocks and gold ores. Mass-mining was done by John and Marley, the latter even mining in the early hours of the morning as to be able to get the title of first nation in South America, often smelting stacks and stacks of quickly-gathered ores in the mines themselves, never leaving the mine for hours.

marley1111 being the 8th wealthiest man on the server, not including John's gold and the deposited gold (Not at peak) Note : At the time, a gold ore only gave one nugget.

The Peruvian leaders were for some time some of the richest person in the server. After some time, Lima got enough gold for a nation, and John created Gran Perú, the first nation in South America and one of the first in the server.

Marley1111 Era First Peruvian Confederation

Development in Lima

The first powered flight in the server's history was done in Lima, Peru circa 19th July 2021, with a plane build by John, and with FranchuFanchu and John as first passenger, Marley1111 taking the picture. As shown by Earthpol Live's announcement.

It is also during this time that

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Peruvian expansion

Lunar Mountain, a few minutes before creation

Peru went under a first Golden Age during it's early period, when both John and Marley1111 shared leadership. The latter headed a large part of the foreign relationship with smaller nations and independent towns for the time, funding multiple early towns who would join the Confederation, such as Lunar Mountain by Scene_11 in the Galapagoes and a small one-player town in Venezuela called Dang. It was for some time one of the most populated nation in the server, and Lima, one of the most populated city. One of Peru's original plan was to create a large pan-south american confederation with independent interior affairs, but with a common foreign policy and with confederation-wide projects, such as railroads, a mailing system, and monuments. It also gave a small loan of 64 gold with a flat interest rate of 18 gold to Ferrarru, who was trying to make a pan-germanic confederation at the time (and which ended up failing), so that he can create Vienna. It's documentation was disponible here. It is potentially the first "official" loan of the server, being made only a few days in.

Of course, for every settlement projects that succeeded, another failed, such as multiple failed settlements of Brazil : Sao Paulo's IRL Brazilian settlers led by LukesGamesBr decided to explore instead of settling down, while the also Brazilian settler of Rio de Janeiro left the internet. Marley1111 covertly tried to create an european protectorate by funding a Sardinian colony, who in actuality was already a settlement of (a now inexistant) Sicily (the leader did not understand the offer, and gave the gold back).

South American Relationships

(Talk about south america positive relation here)

international Relationships

Peru's international relations were excellent at the time, but also primitive and limited, such as it was in the early days of the server. Peru became known for helping people knowing where to mine (hotspots), and funded multiple towns. It created a close relationship with the first Rome led by KaiserAdrianII by helping the latter (funding him a bit of gold) and conversing with him, who would later end up being destroyed by a raid due to it's weakness, KaiserAdrian joining Carthage instead. Peru also funded (And had excellent relationship with) a town who's name has been lost to history, and who later created a quite big Persia, but who is now inexistant, most likely having been destroyed during the post-release inactivity period.

It also created (weak and fragile, mostly in name but not in practice) alliances with some of the server's early superpower, such as Kakaorum (...).

These international relations should not be confused with international relevance/interventionism/involvement/(...) : Peru remained relatively isolationed, taking no part in the major world conflict, such as the Germanies' wars, and keeping little, or, in most case, no contact with the world's superpower, caring little about what they do and ignoring the euroasians rivalries, taking no side. Trade was limited (As caracteristic of the time), with the only notable trade deal being Marley buying a fishing rod from a Russian nations to be able to fish much needed leather (See below for mroe information), sending an emissary to retrieve it. There were no wars and little conflict in this period too.

In turn, the world outside of the Americas, and especially outside of the largely unpopulated South America, only populated by a few equally isolated nations, gave little thoughts about Peru, especially due to the still-existant euroasian-centrism.

In conclusion, Peru was relatively irrelevant and uninvolved in the international scheme despite it's size, the server's few first months being a time of peace and slow economical growth. However, this does not mean Peru was completely free from conflict...

Floridian Fear

At the time, a threat was looming over South and Central America : The Floridian Empire (Not to be confused with today's Florida). Created pre-release by thicc_bois, this nation claimed the entirety of the Carribean, including members of the ULAN and more specifically allies of Peru such as Olympia.

Claims of the Floridan Empire (teal)

This did not sit well with Peru and the ULAN, who were worried about possible hostilities with the Floridian Empire : the latter Empire had a discord with more than 70 members, far more than the ULAN at the time (Who some nation's were also underarmed). A war with a formed Floridian Empire would be an immense conflict who would determine who was the domining power in South America, and it would have disastrous effects on the ULAN nations.

This fear was strenghtened when a spy was found within the ranks of ULAN nation, who reported to thicc_bois the organization's activities.

However, thicc_bois ended up being banned, and the Floridan Empire never got created : the threat got killed in the bud, and it was slowly forgotten, the members of ULAN being able to relax.

Early Conflict with La Rochelle

Early conflict with La Rochelle happened when traefoe, leader of La Rochelle, scammed Marley1111 out of a small quantity of gold, and then insulted him, refusing to give back the gold. This created a rivalry between Marley and traefoe, who often insulted eachother in DMs, and even sometime in public chat.

Shit-throwing in DMs. In this case, Marley daring traefoe to declare war on him

La Rochelle was at the time part of France, an ally of Peru. Naturally, the leader of France did not appreciate traefoe scamming allies, but did not make him pay the scammed money back, probably as to not have his (quite populated) town leave France. Instead, he rembursed Lima of the scammed amount of gold. However, this did not calm the conflict, as Marley still believed traefoe owned him the gold.

Only known picture of the now inexistant La Rochelle. Note that it's part of the USSR, as La Rochelle did not have any strong loyalty to any nation, and switched multiple times in a few days.

The conflict was quite heated, with multiples threats of wars being thrown on each side (Althought both unserious, La Rochelle being in Europe and Peru in eastern South America, war not being a reasonable possibility, and the dispute being too petty for a war that might cause a lot of casualties; La Rochelle was more centralized and war-like, and hence could probably conscript more capable soldiers, but Peru had better equipment and more support, and both towns did not known much about eachother's capabilities). However, it ended up gradually dying down, eventually being forgotten, as Marley was too busy planning the construction of Peru, and traefoe had to deal with his town's chaotic foreign affairs (And I believe he got banned).


Fall of the Marley1111 era Peruvan Confederation


War of the Confederation

Acquiring the long forgotten nation of the Falkland empire, John 117 seeing the new growth of the nation "Argentina" decided to convince under a friendly government, John 117 decided to then plan a war against the argentinians due to their grotesque behavior as well as expansion for Gran Perú and the Falkland Empire.Using the backing of the forgotten nation CAU they officially declared war though did not help at their effort at all and even pulling out last minute.Though they brought upon the Fortnite (ninjago) empire into south america which sieged the Argentinians during their sleep as well as when they sieged Panama.This allowed for the argentinians to surrender and delete their nation, allowing for John 117 to proclaim the true borders of Gran Perú.

Ninjago War

Due to some tension that happened when ninjago settled in bolivia where they stole from Panama, and destroyed John's province of Rio de la plata, Gran Perú and them were in rough terms though John 117 still thought of them as friends.Until when they sieged Lima unprovoked, bringing the entirety of the Republic.Due to this John 117 had sought out help from the Japanese as the Mexican's had done before in their war with the Republic.The Japanese agreed to help and outnumbered John 117, KawadaJP, Apigale, Irochi, (some other people I forgor like 2 of them maybe more) held down the siege to the point where one of the members of the coalition against Gran Perú surrendered where the battle was won.Later with Concluzions and Apigale, John 117 went to the Ninjago Capital in Bolivia and sieged them.After some shenanigans Atheza and another Ninjago member got banned due to death spam, allowing the three to attack Ninjago with no resistance.Winning the battle and kicking Ninjago out of the Americas.After the Victory that took place, KawadaJP offered John 117 for Gran Perú to become a protectorate of Japan, John 117 agreed though under the name of Dominion.

Japanese-American Cold war

Due to the name, and recent news of Gran Perú joining the Japanese sphere of influence, the recently formed United States of America were angered in this regard as this was a clear violation of the Monroe doctrine.Due to this the United States went to Ludwig's Korea and offered them the same protectorate status as well as the name Dominion to them under them.Obviously when this got out into the public the Japanese public went into an outcry proclaiming that the United States had failed in stopping the Ninjago conflict and so were not in any place to talk.The American public went into ww2 era mode proclaiming Japanese Emperor KawadaJP as a tyrant, things died down after a while and soon the information of Gran Perú being a Dominion faded to obscurity. Authors note (bruh why the fuck would you even get pissed at a situation like bro how the hell do you proclaim yourself as the great United States of America and allow the Monroe doctrine when this could have been dealt with if you actually helped me you mothafuckas.Like bro how do you get mad at this, you caused this to happen by not doing anything and when someone is actively helping another nation within the America's now its your problem? Pfft, Thank god we lasted longer than that republic.)

Gran Perú-Brazilian War

Brazil was recently let into the Infamous Union of Latin American nations, and had invited a war criminal in the union to their nation with no regard to the feelings of other nation members, the leader of Argentina Juicy. Due to this John 117 and the other member states decided to punish the brazilians due to this regard and John 117 alone decided to siege them, John had brought up his armies from the Galapagos though they had war sickness and so John 117 was left alone to deal with the Brazilian force (one guy in diamond) with this legendary battle john just barely beat the diamond armoured fellow of Smavigin with his own fully enchanted Netherite armor as well as his Gun.This led to the leader of Brazil to ask Raddus and the republic for help for which they agreed though John 117 not wanting another major war asked Brazil to sue for peace which they did, now John 117's conditions were to limit Brazil to its colonial era borders though nothing more, though John 117 warned that the other nation members will have their own peace deal.John 117 then offered for brazil to join Gran Perú as a confederate state, keeping their borders.Brazil then accepted this peace deal then merged with Gran Perú in game allowing for the greatest expansion for Gran Perú in its known history, though when Rageus the President of the United States heard of the annexation, he was outraged and demanded Gran Perú to release them, after a long ordeal with Rageus commenting in helping the brazilians in a war against John 117 and with the Leader of Uruguay Psycha to comment that limiting Brazil to its colonial borders would limit its economy (bitch land means nothing in money) , he decided under pressure from his closest ally Lucas_BB7 to release Brazil though under reparations of 1k gold which they paid off, after which Brazil decided to get a puppet fetish and subjugate himself to France which led to the leader leaving Brazil for good, which kinda defeated the point of the arrangement only leaving Gran Perú as the lone Winner of the War.

Later history


The growth of Gran Perú first started when he met jdouglas who was getting sieged from Argentine, who he had a good relationship with as well as allowing John 117 to control his chilean land, afterwards he got lilspicyboy who first created barblandia in Argentina though left to Jdouglas where they worked well together in an era where Gran Perú had the Galapagos, Cuzco, Lima, and La Serena as its towns being a true minor power though this would not last as lilspicyboy left with jdouglas to africa where he proclaimed that their time in Gran Perú was time of slavery and indentured servitude even though John 117 was attempting to contact jdouglas to build La Serena, this angered John 117 as he had just lost his economic backbone though he soon saw his focus in the galapagos which became a economic growth though with no gain in Gran Perú's economy in total.


Due to a recent engagement with John 117 wanting to proclaim Rio de la plata with Franchu, he allowed for a person named Shadowcreed to become a governor and a confederate state under Gran Perú though this was short lived as he had joined the new nation of Uruguay. This angered John 117 as he thought that Franchu would have to deal with some decisions though this was not the case and caused for Psycha to go the point of asking John to disband the Gran confederation. John 117 then angered by this proposal soon relocated his resources to Lima, where Franchu would go.Ragues didn't care for this as he and Psycha thought that John 117 wanted to create new rome in the America's stretching from tierra de fuego to Washington state.Though this was false, Psycha grew a disdain with Roman who leaked this plan due to this.Due to this event it led to the separation of the Galapagos and Gran Perú where the people in the galapagos even though controlling the government seceding from the Gran Confederation though peacefully with John's blessing.They hold a close relationship to this day.


Due to the secession of the Galapagos from the Gran Confederation, John 117 decided to industrialized its capital Lima in a very fast way, allowing for Gran Perú to expand once more with a town in bolivia named Guccie Camal, and a town in the amazon named [Amazonia].As well as his builder 78AbogadoPeruano completely a small piece of the coast of Lima allowing for Lima to look somewhat good than its primal state before.




In response to the call out that the Noregrians did in their own wiki page, an official response to the "limitation" of culture by Gran Perú's Christianity is "Cope."