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Ghana was a nation on EarthPol located in Africa. The nation disbanded on April 11th, 2021.


On v2

It all began with NotARandomName founding Accra in early December of 2020. From the start, his intention was to found the nation of Ghana. With his lack of player support, however, he decided to start his journey by becoming a colony and grow until Accra became strong enough to declare independence.

The first nation that Accra looked to join was England. It made sense as this would follow real-life history. However, at the time that he was looking for a colonial power to join, NARN was aware that England was at war with two powerful nations at the time, Qing and Japan. Seeing as England was badly losing the battle, NARN looked to other options in Europe. He eventually got an opportunity to join Scotland.

The establishment of Ghana in v2 was due to the creation of the Ghana Unification Pact (GUP). The GUP was a pact that aimed to provide players with needed resources and funds to found a town in Ghana's real world borders on the condition that said player will commit to joining the nation of Ghana when established. Ghana was not established immediately because Accra had many available plot claims as a colony of Scotland. If they had left to create Ghana sooner, they would be severely limited. The GUP allowed for other pact-member towns to take advantage of the plot claims they would be provided if they joined a large nation as a colony in the meantime.