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Gawgitta (stylized as gawgitta) has been the King of Norelaw, a realm within the High Kingdom of Noregr since 10 October 2021. He is also the first and founding King of Norelaw. Under his reign, Norelaw has expanded into Wales and has become a major player in its own right within the politics of the North Sea Empire, while still remaining a subject of Noregr.

Gawgitta joined on 23 August 2021, and was recruited by the former nation of Icebergia on the same day. During his time with Icebergia, he sailed from Iceland to Japan, and authored the corresponding book about the expedition Gaw's Log. During the unsuccessful Siege of Reykjavik, gawgitta engaged in battle with the defenders of Reykjavik and began planning for an airdrop of poisonous splash potions on the defenders, but these plans never came to fruition. Gawgitta was not present during the Fall of Icebergia.

After a short period of inactivity, gawgitta returned to EarthPol for the purpose of being the head of the Norse Kingdom on Britain, called Norelaw. Norelaw was a part of the High Kingdom of Noregr since it's inception, and also became part of the North Sea Empire shortly before gawgitta's coronation. Gawgitta chose Wyke in the Bay of Hull to be the capitol of Norelaw, and the Kingdom has also seen the addition of Caerdydd in Wales.