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Welcome to the EarthPol wiki! This is the official site for player contributions towards documenting the history of the server, please feel free to look around and delve into the deep lore of EarthPol.

The server's banner used on most server websites.

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=== Towns and Nations ===

EarthPol is comprised of towns, which can unite with one another to form nations. Nations can ally with and declare war upon one another, among numerous other abilities. Nations tend to also form a government structure and are one of the main avenues for role-play on EarthPol. You can find the nation template here: Nation Template


Of course, a town is nothing without players to populate it. Notable players are here on the wiki.


Continents on EarthPol are broadly the same as they are in real life, though the nature of the game means that they each have unique geopolitical and cultural perspectives.


As the name "Version 4" may suggest, this is not the first iteration of EarthPol, nor that of its Wiki. EarthPol has been through four different versions so far (see below). Each of them have come to represent a different chapter of the server's history by the players of the server.

Items that are not directly related to the current version of EarthPol or in-game roleplay are categorized as Meta.

Versions of EarthPol

# Created Ended Reason for Ending
Version 1 October 2020 November 2020 The Great Hack
Version 2 November 2020 March 2021 Backup Mishaps
Version 3 March 2021 Never. It's all one big cover up and

conspiracy theories circle

around what happened.

Version 4 July 17th, 2021

EarthPol has been through four different versions as of 15/10/21. Each of them have come to represent a different chapter of the server's history by the players of the server.

EarthPol Wiki Association

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The Wiki Association are a group of dedicated EarthPol players who collaborate to maintain and update this wiki. It is a meta group, meaning that its members are spread across the in-game world. You can learn best practices, develop your writing and research skills, and have fun doing it with friends!
The server's map.
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