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Pacific Federation

Birth: The Pacific Federation Is a nation in the greater Pacific Region. Previously known as Constantiam has many diverse cultures and languages due in part to it's geographical locations spread throughout the eastern pacific. It is one of EarthPols most wide spread territory owning nations and is the only nation to have it's territory spanning over 800 town blocks without the use of an outpost. It's home town is Miyake, founded July 24th 2021 and the nation on Oct, 16th, 2021.


Acquisition and Formation of the the Philippines

Dawn: Sometime in September 2021 a town in the Philippines was for sale for 1,000 gold and was eventually purchased by the town of Miyake and made a territory. Initially the nation of Constantiam was the nation of the Philippines Founded on Oct, 10th, 2021. It fell soon after it was formed due to lack of prior knowledge that funding was also required to keep the nation alive leading to it's eventual fall on Oct, 15th, 2021.

Troubles with Japan

Secession: Miyake before eventually seceding to form the nation of Constantiam was originally a Japanese state. Issue's first arose after a dispute with the new leader of Japan Pancen on overpricing the general public of Japan when it came to owning shop plots in Tokyo. The leader of Miyake feeling frustrated and unable to see any possible way to offset town costs to avert town collapse in the coming month hastily formed the nation of the Philippines and soon after the nation of Constantiam. After it's formation the lands in the Philippines became the main capital of Constantiam due to it's wide space to accommodate Factories, farms and shops that otherwise would not be able to fit anywhere else in Miyake.

Negotiations: Eventually talks we're opened back up with Miyake's home land of Japan to discuss terms of reunification. The terms were presented through a third party consisting of the members of present day Kyushu members by request of the emperor of Japan. Talks were slow and un-favorable to the now new nation of Constantiam, the reasons they were un-favorable were due to Japan's semi forceful requesting for Miyake to remove it's overseas colonies and threats from Japan to force nations that allied Constantiam to be barred from allying Japan. Other reasons include Sanctions and travel bans to increase the probability of collapse and the eventual reunification of Miyake under their terms.

Although these all had their own sets of challenges and hurdles, the nation of Constantiam had already during talks established several Factories, farms, shops and accumulated enough resources to meet sustainability for a 2 year span where before while under Japan Miyake was scheduled to collapse in a month and a half. After all the failed attempts to communicate and negotiate with Japan the leader of Miyake reached out with the Emperor of Japan for seemingly one last ditched attempt to try and make things work out. Eventually the Emperor of Japan Pancen relented stating that all of Miyake's previous requests would be met if it reunified with Japan. This offer was not wasted or past up, the leader of Constantiam DarkOakMetarex took it into great consideration, even going as far as to weigh the costs and benefits of reunification.

Fallout: A day passes and the offer is turned down, the reason for this is that through all the time it took to negotiate to finally get a fair deal and all the threats made from Japan the leader of Constantiam felt it too good of an offer and had probable cause as to why this was most likely too good to be true. The reasons is that once reunification occurred, loss of Nation Spawn would prohibit Teleporting which would result in straining transportation for it's leader around the nation as their would be no easy way to travel. Another reason was that once done a nation could not be formed again and due to Miyake's population, not to mention all of Constantiams Ally's would be lost and Japan could at the end of the day have changed it's intentions and kick Miyake from Japan putting it's very survival at immense risk. the final nail in the coffin however came from the fact that in terms, Miyake would have to still pay 500 gold 1/4th of it's 2nd annual budget just to own a shop when Miyake already owns it's very own shop and operates for free.

Nowadays realtions with Japan have soured, while neither nation has added each other as enemies. The fact remains that relations will likely not change going forward.

Constantiam Renaissance

Beginning: The Constantiam Renaissance was a very short period of time reaching a peak on November 30th 2021, and is currently concluding. In this time the nation of Constantiam managed to cement it's territory's both at home and abroad, acquiring 2 Beacons and enough resources for seemingly self sustainability and it managed to raise it's nation funds from 3-4k to 14k gold in reserves to maintain it's peaceful status in the region and secure it's future.

Concern: Despite possessing the means of maintaining it's future on some level the nation began experiencing some troubles. Investigations began taking place on December 18th 2021 to investigate potential losses of wealth and where the nation needed to improve in order to maintain self sustainment. Investigations concluded on December 21st 2021 concluding no loss of wealth was to blame for the spike in concern stating "Recent nation activity is to blame, the nation has recently found it's self becoming more and more ambitious. First attempting to construct a full city with Ice Highways when it's capacity to acquire the resources were strained to a limited extent. It's attempts to build not 1 but 2 large structures consisting of nothing other than iron blocks with other obsessively over the top lavish and expensive materials. " Reports conclude with " The nation is attempting to live above it's means in every sense of the word diverting massive amounts of money to beacons and resource acquisition. If these practices do not cease and more action isn't taken to adjust for national expenditure then we could very well face a recession or worse."


On this day 1/12/2022 the nation of the Pacific Federation ceased to Exist by no fault of it's ruler. Administrative intervention speculated to be the root cause although this information cannot be ascertained as factual. Support server was closed at 3.35AM by 0xbit the night of it's inexplicable collapse, the nation had 2g in taxes daily with 250g remaining in it's bank, the nation existed for 88 days.

Final breath: Let this not be your end, but a new beginning. May the unforeseen in your future be serendipitous.

Mundus hic corruptus est.

Discovery: On 1/25/2022 it was discovered that a new plugin lead to the collapse of the nation followed by the simultaneous collapse of several other nations and towns throughout the following weeks. 0xbit citing that it was to prevent players from joining a nation and claim blocking, however some saw this and recent interference from 0xbit as the main reason as of late the server is either (depending on who you ask) dead or in major decline. 0xbit countered and said that the decline was expected and the EarthPol would re-bound around spring break.

Core Values

  • Citizen Happiness, wellfair and fullfilment.
  • Maintainment of Peace and self isolation.
  • Protection of the Natural Enviornment.