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The Celtic Union, formally known as the Irish Free State, is a nation on EarthPol located on the islands of Ireland and Britain. It was formed on the 10th April 2021, having seceded from the nation of Ireland.

Historical Background

Pre-Irish Free State

The beginnings of the Irish Free State can be traced back to the original nation of Ireland formed by Volaranara, who was also the mayor of Dublin. Soon after Dublin's formation, the towns of Sligeach, Gaillimh and Corcaigh were established. Each new town joined Ireland but there were immediate disagreements within the nation. Volaranara preferred a centralised structure, in which each town would provide daily tributes of resources and gold to the capital. The other towns preferred to spend time building their own towns. Relations began to deteriorate even further following various incidents. However, potential civil war never came to fruition, as Volaranara went inactive and nobody heard from him for over a month.

Following Volaranara's disappearance, other Irish towns outgrew the capital. Sligeach, in particular, was growing rapidly. The mayor of Gaillimh, Eoghan_06, and residents across different Irish towns, called on the mayor of Sligeach, VladimirVonEire (Vlad), to make a new nation. However, there was reluctance to do this because of feared retaliation from the UK and Volaranara, if he ever returned. Eventually, however, with no sign of Volaranara, a declining ally list and residents growing impatient, it was decided to secede from Ireland and form a new nation, with Sligeach as the capital. The towns of Gaillimh and Corcaigh immediately agreed to join with Sligeach, thus leaving Dublin alone in the old nation.

Irish Free State

The Irish Free State initially contained only the three towns of Sligeach, Gaillimh and Corcaigh. However, Sligeach was quickly becoming one of the most populated towns on the server. This came with residents who desired to make their own towns. So, it was decided that colonies would be created in less contested areas of the world such as South Africa, New Zealand and Iceland.

As the nation continued to grow, it was decided to merge the towns of Sligeach and Gaillimh to form Connacht, now the largest and most populated town on Earthpol. During this period, the town of Kilkenny led by xGreyWulf was also formed on the island of Ireland. Soon after, Corcaigh was also merged into Connacht, meaning that only two active towns now exist in Ireland.

Celtic Union

On the 5th May 2021, the King of England, Billy The Butcher, requested that the UK be disbanded and merged into the Irish Free State. This was due to the inactivity of the UK nation, which saw the Irish Free State's assistance as an opportunity to revitalise Britain.

By popular vote on the 7th May, "Celtic Union" was chosen as the name for the new nation.

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Political System

Currently, the Celtic Union is underdeveloped in relation to its political system. The nation favours a decentralised structure, with towns maintaining complete control over their internal affairs and are only obligated to provide troops for war if necessary.

Elections and a written constitution are planned for the future.

International Relations

The Celtic Union currently has 25 allies, most of whom are allied for trade purposes only. The nation is currently not a member of any international organisation and prefers only to go to war for valid reasons.