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Cascadia was founded on March 13, 2021, a day after the version 3 was created. It is currently run by Sapa and Magnum and has 4 towns, Portland, Astoria, Seattle, and Amerikaneia. This nation is located in the Pacific Northwest in North America.


The First Cascadian Republic

The First Cascadian Republic existed from March 12 - March 27, 2021. This first era of Cascadia took place during the creation of the nation, the small hope of democracy, and ended

Beginning Era

On March 1, 2021, it was announced the Earthpol V3 was starting. Quickly the idea of Cascadia came into play with a group of people who had previously lived in separate towns in V2. Cascadia announced its claims to consist of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. After realizing these claims interfered with Canada's, they decided to share the claims of British Columbia with Canada. At this time, Cascadia shared its borders with Canada to the north and east, and with The Holy Brittanian Empire to the south. As this was before the server had even begun, they knew that many of these claims and nations might not even make it, so they were ready for anything.

On March 12, 2021, Earthpol V3 had started. The founder, Sapa, travelled across North America and founded Portland, which became one of the first towns to settle on the west coast. Unfortunately for the Holy Brittanian Empire, the nation of California was founded first. After inviting more of their residents, the nation of Cascadia was created on March 13. The next day, the towns of Astoria, Nanaimo, Crescent City, and Vancouver were founded and joined the nation. Things were looking great for Cascadia, and it was growing at a steady rate.

Conflicts with Canada

On March 14, 2021, the Canadian Duke of British Columbia, Destroyer, had plans to make the town of Vancouver. However, Vancouver already existed and was part of Cascadia. So, Destroyer created the town of Nootka on the eastern tip of Vancouver Island. As well as that, Nanaimo was claim blocking the town! The king of Canada, Godstyrant, asked the owner of Vancouver to rename their town to something else, and it changed to Victoria eventually. For Nanaimo, their claim block was removed and let the new Vancouver expand further west into Vancouver Island.

Rise and Fall of Democracy

Following the fall of Crescent City, Cascadians from EarthMC discovered Earthpol. Led by EstiQT, they planned to bring democracy to the small nation. They held a constitutional convention, and added many branches and roles to the government, creating a refined and detailed democratic system. However, many original people from Cascadia didn't agree to this new government. The mayor of Victoria, Terminator, held a vote, determining if Cascadia should go on with this plan, or turn into an oligarchy. After most of the citizens voted oligarchy, some of the Cascadians from EarthMC planned to escape to Indochina, hoping to carry the beacon of democracy with them.

A Power in the East

While Cascadia was solving the internal issues about democracy, a power was growing in the east. The United States was a new mega-nation that had risen off of the merge of Caribbean Union and New England. This new power pushed west, seeking continental domination. They soon took Appalachia and Esetia in the Midwest and were close allies with the Republic of Texas in the South. Meanwhile, Cascadia was still searching for a solution to the loss of democracy, and the new democratic mega-nation seemed like the perfect plan. The land of New Vegas in Nevada was also suffering from inactivity issues and sought a merge. So, on March 27, 2021, a vote was held, asking if Cascadia should merge into the United States. In a 10-5 vote, all signs pointed to the merge.

U.S. Province of Cascadia

Life in United States

Once Cascadia had merged into United States, their leader Sapa was placed in the High Council of United States. The idea of there being a non-elected High Council angered many outsiders, as it disrupted the image of a democracy. Some of the EarthMC Cascadians formed the nation of Salish Federation in Haida Gwaii to escape the new U.S. control. Even with the allegations, the mega-nation was at its peak, having control of both the east and west coasts. While the U.S. was still prospering with their large military strength, a resistance was underway.

The Resistance

While the United States was