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Canada was a nation on EarthPol in North America. It had shared claims with Alaska and Cascadia and shared its borders with multiple neighbors such as Alaska, Cascadia, Greater Montana, Midwest and Holy Britannian Empire. It was led by a triumvirate, consisting of the nation's oldest founding fathers, T_nce and GodsTyrant, along with their newest founder, DanteB420.

Canada's leaders had a rich experience in leading nations, with T_nce and GodsTyrant leading the former nation of Hyperborea in EarthPOL V2 (also formerly known as The Trade Federation) and DanteB420 leading the former nation of Remnant in EarthPOL V2 also.

The nation disbanded on the 8th of May, 2021 after merging with the nation the Holy Order of Dababy.


With the fall of EarthPOL V2 and the news of a brand new EarthPOL V3, GodsTyrant acted fast and brain-stormed of the idea of making Canada in the new EarthPOL. After speaking with T_nce and agreeing on leading the nation together with him just like in EarthPOL V2, they brought together the old citizens of Hyperborea and pulled together as many of their loyal residents to jump on the 'Canada' bandwagon



GodsTyrant, T_nce, DanteB420

Prime Minister



Minister of Defense - TBD

Minister of External Affairs - TBD

Minister of Architecture - TBD

Minister of Transport - TBD

Minister of Trade - TBD

Minister of Finance - TBD

Minister of Law - TBD

Parties (number of members)

- Liberals (0)

- Conservatives (0)

- Social Democrats (4)

Members of Parliament




Duke of Ontario - _LiftedFool

Duke of Quebec - TheMrZaner

Duke of Acadia - T_nce

Duke of Newfoundland - Poalt

Duke of Manitoba - Skilleraider99

Duke of Columbia - Destroyer2805

Duke of Yukon - GrenThePoolguy

Duke of Nunavut - REDSTEVE1


Premier of Ontario - Sad0mE

Premier of Quebec - TBD

Premier of Acadia - TBD

Premier of Newfoundland - Theoneoutlaw

Premier of Manitoba - TBD

Premier of Columbia - TBD

Premier of Yukon - TBD

Premier of Nunavut - TBD

The Provinces of Canada

Treaties and Alliances

The North America Claims Treaty (NACT)

A claims treaty that requires nations to mutually respect each others' borders and to not go past those borders. Signed by the following member nations from North America, Central America and Greenland:

  1. Alaska
  2. Appalachia
  3. Canada
  4. Cascadia
  5. The Caribbean Union
  6. Commonwealth of Greenland
  7. Greater Montana
  8. Holy Britannian Empire
  9. Mexico
  10. Texas
  11. Wynter



1st General Canada - keipoka


Army Size: 15+ Peacekeepers


Screenshot of Discord announcement disbanding Canada

On the 8th of May, 2021 GodsTyrant announced via Discord that the nation would be disbanded and merged with the Holy Order of Dababy as a result of himself and T_nce leaving EarthPol. The leader cited inactivity among some of the reasons for their departure.