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Benelux is a nation located in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and parts of Germany. Benelux is a parliamentary monarchy, with king and prime minister as heads of the state. The nation was formed on 19th of March, a week after the server release.


Benelux currently has six towns, and one more is planned and already has an appointed mayor

Current towns:

  • Brussels (Ferraru)
  • Middleburg (EtheD99)
  • Amsterdam (mikolllaj60)
  • Eindhoven (Tiessert)
  • Rotterdam (Ajwid)
  • Luxembourg (Superb1aze)

Planned towns:

  • Utrecht (IDramaMan)


Benelux is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, meaning that the king has mainly ceremonial roles and the nation itself is democratic and has a parliament, consisting of eight members (including king and the prime minister). The nation itself is semi-centralised, meaning towns have some level of autonomy. Economic system is market capitalism. Prime minister and the king can appoint new parliament members. The parliament is unicameral, meaning any parliament member can suggest a new law, rule, decision and vote on it. Benelux is a no-party democracy, because of the instability and inactivity of the political party system on the server.

Parliament members Town Specific role
Ferraru Brussels Prime Minister
mikolllaj60 Amsterdam King
Ajwid Rotterdam Minister of ecology, energy and resources
Superb1aze Luxembourg -
BadenBos Brussels Minister of economy
EtheD99 Middleburg Minister of trade
Tiessert Eindhoven Minister of war and defense
IDramaMan Eindhoven -

Administrative division

Benelux has two levels of administrative divisions, however, all leaders of second-level divisions (counties) can divide the counties into third-level divisions (communes).

First-level divisions:

Duchy is a first level division, meaning the Benelux itself is divided into duchies. Any town (in form of an actual towny settlement) is eligible to claim all of the corresponding duchy's territories, preferably not leaving any unclaimed space. The leader of a duchy, or a towny town mayor is by default named a duke or a duchess.

List of current and planned duchies and their corresponding dukes:

  • Duchy of Belgium: Ferraru
  • Duchy of North Holland: mikolllaj60
  • Duchy of South Holland: Ajwid
  • Duchy of Luxembourg: Superb1aze
  • Duchy of Zeeland: EtheD99
  • Duchy of Limburg and North Brabant: Tiesdas

Overseas department is a first level division, meaning Benelux owns these territories, and specific parts of it are considered an overseas department. Overseas departments are described as an area in a relative distance from mainland Benelux, which usually has a different culture and landscape, some level of autonomy and a specific leader. The leader of an overseas department is by default named a governor or governess.

Benelux owned an overseas department of New Holland, with capital of Amazonstad (which had been named Amazon and Amazonstadt before) from March 22, ≈13:30 GMT to March 25 17:50 GMT, which left Benelux after the agreement with Orange_Panda2017, which stated that Benelux is to leave the lands of South America, remove all colonies, and in exchange, earn 500 gold for their territorial loss.

Second-level divisions:

County is a second level division, meaning the duchies and overseas departments are divided into counties. Any town (in form of an actual towny settlement) is eligible to make up to 5 total counties. County is a physical town, and isn't registered on towny plugin, meaning it is only existant on documents and edited maps. County has a selected area. Counties usually have different design styles, cultural differences, population differences, etc. Leaders of a duchy or an overseas departments are supposed to make an outpost to a county inside the limits of the town, so a member of a specific county can teleport to it. The leader of a county, or a towny town assistant, is by default named a count or a countess.

List of current and planned counties and their corresponding counts:

Duchy of Belgium:

  • County of Brussels
  • County of Gent
  • County of Liege
  • County of Charleroi

Duchy of North Holland:

  • County of Amsterdam
  • County of Leeuwarden
  • County of Zwolle
  • County of Utrecht

Duchy of South Holland:

  • County of The Hague
  • County of Rotterdam
  • County of Leiden

Duchy of Luxembourg:

  • County of Luxembourg
  • County of Arlon

Duchy of Zeeland:

  • County of Middelburg
  • County of Bergen op Zoom
  • County of Breda

Duchy of Limburg and Brabant

  • County of Eindhoven
  • County of Maastricht
  • County of Tilburg
  • County of Venlo



  • March 2: Benelux officially decides that the nation would be reformed on V3, after V2 got closed.
  • March 7: Benelux applies for membership in the League of Europe, gets accepted.
  • March 11: The first parliament of Benelux is chosen, mayors prepare for the server opening.


  • March 12: Server opens at 20:00 GMT, some Benelux members rush to join and grind gold.
  • March 13: Benelux encounters first opposition, player named ImReallyExited decides to make an independent dutch state with Amsterdam as the capital; Amsterdam was the future capital of Benelux, which would violate the Benelux claim plans. Prime Minister of the country declines the proposal of ImReallyExited, to which he responds with making the town of Amsterdam at 12:50 GMT, which marks the beginning of the Benelux Civil War.
  • March 13: Brussels, the first town in the nation, is made by Ferraru at 14:38 GMT.
  • March 14: North-Holland is made by Kaiser_Frederick at 6:38 GMT.
  • March 15: North-Holland is disbanded at 5:03 GMT, Kaiser_Frederick later explains that he is moving to make Portugal, Lisbon.
  • March 15: Middleburg, the second town in the nation, is made by EtheD99 at 5:40 GMT.
  • March 15: Prime Minister Ferraru and the leader of the rebel states of Netherlands, ImReallyExited, agree to settle the conflict. ImReallyExited lets Ferraru buy the town of Amsterdam for 432 gold, to which Ferraru agrees, pays the sum at 12:45 GMT and gets the mayor rank, this event marks the end of the Benelux Civil War. A few hours later, Ferraru transfers the mayor rank to the king, mikolllaj60. Amsterdam becomes the capital, and the third town in the nation
  • March 15: Valkenswaard, the fourth town in the nation, is made by Tiessert (16:40 GMT). A bit later, it gets renamed to Eindhoven.
  • March 17: Benelux supports Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the conflict with USSR, votes for the restitution of the town of Minsk by USSR.
  • March 17: First historic building in Brussels is built by BadenBos, at 18:47 GMT.
  • March 18: Prime Minister, Ferraru, announces that each member of the parliament is eligible to a minister position in the nation, four parliament members are appointed to specific positions.
  • March 18: A first referendum is held, which discusses the transition of Benelux into a no-party state at 18:35 GMT.
  • March 19: The nation of Benelux is officially established at 13:00 GMT by Ferraru, with Brussels as the capital. He also announces that the capital would be transferred to Amsterdam, and the towny king rank would be given to mikolllaj60.
  • March 19: The first edit on this wiki page is made at 13:30 GMT.
  • March 19: Benelux is officially a no-party state, all political parties will be disbanded, and preserved in a special discord category.
  • March 21: Rotterdam is made by Ajwid at 11:35 GMT.
  • March 21: Benelux now has over 20 allies in-game.
  • March 21: Amazon is made by Savernik at ≈18:00 GMT.
  • March 22: Benelux announces a new first-level administrative division - an overseas department. New Holland becomes the first overseas department of Benelux.
  • March 23: First constitution of Benelux is proposed by Ferraru, and is being reviewed by the parliament.
  • March 24: Government of the country is discussing the problem of colonisation of Brazil by Benelux (New Holland, Amazonstadt) with the leader of Gran Colombia, Orange_Panda2017.
  • March 25: The town Amazonstadt decides to leave the nation, hence, the overseas department of New Holland doesn't exist anymore, Benelux is to earn 500 gold from Orange_Panda2017 for their territorial loss.
  • March 25: Proposal of the constitution gets fixed and slightly changed, finally gets into the parliament polls channel, and is being reviewed by the parliament.
  • March 26: Benelux officially accepts the first constitution, it takes power at 6:15 GMT, the "constitutional parliamentary monarchy" title is now justified.
  • March 27: At about 17:00 GMT, Ferraru and Orange_Panda2017 met in Brussels, they discuss the problem, the town of Amazonstadt is kicked out of Benelux by Ferraru, Ferraru earns 500 gold from Orange_Panda2017, which meant the official loss of New Holland and all overseas territories. They later took a selfie at the Brussels central road.
  • March 27: Luxembourg is made by Superb1aze at 17:36 GMT.
  • March 28: First country GDP report was made by the Minister of economy, Badenbos. (link)
  • March 29: Tiesdas, a parliament member of Benelux and a notable figure, got robbed by his citizen, his town lost a huge portion of resources, including bookshelves, iron, enchanting tables, livestock, the scammer later fled to Miami. At this moment, this is the biggest material loss of Benelux.
  • April 3: Qui_tollis joins Brussels and becomes a builder, a new street in Brussels is being constructed.
  • April 3: Qui_tollis forms a new company, Hestia, which specialises in real estate and luxurious embassies.
  • April 4: Benelux applies for membership in the Non-Aligned movement.
  • April 5: After a 6-0 vote in the council of the Non-Aligned movement, Benelux becomes a member.
  • April 6: Den_Helder in the north of the Netherlands was made by three players, was disbanded shortly after. Ferraru got in contact with one of the members, turns out they were moving to a different place, as they were unsatisfied with the location of Den_Helder.
  • April 6: Benelux Agricultural coop was established, it specialises in farming and agriculture.
  • April 6: Benelux applies for membership in the Alliance of Greater States.
  • AprIl 7: After a 15-7 vote in the council of the Alliance of Greater States, Benelux becomes a member.
  • April 9: mikolllaj60, the king of Benelux, finally returns from inactiveness and announces his comeback.
  • April 11: Brussels expands massively, nearly doubling it's claim count.
  • April 13: Benelux leaves the Non-Alignment Movement, due to SPQR, the nation that is highly sanctioned and hated in this movement, being the good allies of Benelux.
  • April 13: ssazyy, Benelux parliament member and a notable builder of Brussels, quits Earthpol and all Earthpol related discord servers, as he has to prepare for his exams.