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Austrian Empire

Now a Fallen Empire, Austria, officially the Austrian Empire, was a sovereign nation, as well as a HRE member, in the continent of Europe and the second largest nation on the server. Also the fastest growing, and the second largest nation by towns, as well as the largest nation by average online activity, Austria was the nucleus of the Habsburg monarchy. The capital, Vienna, is famous for it's Archduke castle, built by Kanzler Atomica. The building features classic sandstone builds and the Austrian throne. Vienna still exists today, after it was sold to the Mughal_Empire for 5k gold.

Austria was a monarchy, led by Kaiser Keplr_(Franz15). Keplr_ holds many titles aside from being the emperor of Austria. The largest city was Feldkirch, which is also among the top 7 largest cities in Earthpol, grows fast day by day and was by far the fastest growing town in Austria.


Austria was decided to be formed by Keplr_ and Atomica_. Two well known players, both have had decent experience on the server and decided to make a nation together, with Keplr as the leader and Atom as co-leader. Initially, the nation faced many problems. But after the merging between the cities of Wien and Vienna, Austria grew pretty fast to climb the leaderboards.

Rebranding to Archduchy

After Austria updated it's claims to cover Dalmatia and more territories, it was decided the nation would become an Archduchy. Later on, on the 28th of October, the Archduchy of Austria officially became the Austrian Empire, as a Kaiserdom.

Siege of Vaduz

Austria one day saw a new nation on their doorsteps, Liechtenstein. Before Liechtenstein was made, Austria actually claimed the land making up the nation, but since they had no towns there, it was too late. Proposals were made to make Liechtenstein a vassal but Liechtenstein declined. This didn't matter much until the very important city of Feldkirch was founded. The town had no room to expand, and since Liechtenstein was a semi-inactive nation by this point, it was decided to be best to siege the capital, Vaduz, and make more room for Feldkirch to expand. Initially, the siege was a big trouble for the Austrians, by facing many losses. However, after getting help from Hungary, Romania, and the town of Pardubice, Austria enjoyed a victory in the town. Triesenberg, another Liechtensteiner town, was annexed into Austria as an integral part of the nation, and it was told by Keplr that it would be treated the same as all cities in Austria.

Tensions with Saxony

One day, a player called Greven_av_kozebo joined Vienna. He seemed to be a normal player at start but when Keplr went offline, he started wrecking havoc and started killing citizens. Furious, the mayor of the town of Graz, Ethanz06, decided to join Saxony, another growing nation, while still staying inside Austrian claims. Austria was indeed not happy with Saxony for allowing Graz, and after the situation was taken to the HRE, Graz eventually joined back Austria themselves, and relations were re-established.

Independance movement in Graz

The mayor of Graz, Ethanz06 decided that Franz15 was not a leader worthy of the Austrian Empire, declaring independnace with his town, Graz forming the Graz Empire. As Graz was the center of military for the empire, Franz15 and his royal army was unable to suppress the revolt. Although Austria asked help to the HRE, mostly Bohemia for reinforcements and stability in the HRE realm. However, Skippz the emperor of the HRE declined the offer and stayed neutral as his secret plans to move to Crete was near the end. This is the start of the fall of the Empire.

Seperatist movements

After being unroled of their private ranks after dying in a siege unarmed, the citizens of Linz declared the Austrian Empire as a feudal dictatorship and joined Israelestan, a pvp nation based on the Israel region. Again, the Kaiser's forces proved its incompetence. Believing that the Empire was unable to protect her subjects massive seperatist movements occured outside the Austrain core region leading to independance of 5 towns. Austria, now losing all its outer core territories was under threat of utter collapse.

The Feldkirch Seperatist Movement

The 2nd Kanzler of the Empire and mayor of Felkirch, Marble decided that he would be a better Kaiser of the empire than Franz15 sending a ultimatum that unless he is crowned Kaiser and Feldkirch becomes the capital of Austria, he would declare independance. The Kaiser refused but he was still unable to control the situation due to lack of military forces. Marble formed the Alpine Empire, soon merging with Saxony also persuading the other Austrian seperatist towns to join it.

Fall of the Reich

The Empire's most active personnel, the citizens of Innsbruck decided to head to Jerusalem forming the Jerusalem Empire. Now the empire was a city state union of Vienna and Warsaw. Franz15 declared the death of the Empire and decided to move to Cilicia with his Cabinet. The Empire lasted 57 days once being the 2nd biggest nation on the server.

These are the titles of the Kaiser during the Empire's golden age.

By the Grace of God, Emperor of Austria His Crown Majesy of Dalmatia, Belgrade,Suceava,York,Warsaw,Greenland Archduke of Austria, the Rightful lord of the House of Habsburg, Protector of the Catholic Faith and of the German People, Long live the Empire! (The Empire fell after 13days the title was announced)

Austria fell at 7/11/2021


The claims of Austria include Austria proper (refer the discord, linked in the table), As well as the crown lands: Duchy of Dalmatia, Duchy of Warsaw, Duchy of Belgrade. More is explained on the discord of Austria.