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The Town of Astoria, commonly known as Astoria, is a town located in North America, within the Nation of Cascadia. The town covers part of the Pacific Northwest Region (part of northwest Oregon and southeast Washington), and covers the mouth of the Columbia River, which covers 28 chunks or 7168 blocks. According to local census data released in early 2021, the population stands at 4 residents, making it the 3rd most populated town in Cascadia.

The town was founded on March 14, 2021 by MelonzJuice, who is also the current sitting Mayor of the town. MelonzJuice was originally a resident of Portland (the largest populated town in Cascadia, and the first capital of Cascadia before Seattle) until he migrated north to settle in present Astoria. Other residents of Portland came along to establish Astoria as their home.

The town operates on a mayor-council form of government. The Mayor acts as Chief Executive, the Council acts as the legislative body, and the Municipal Court acts as the judicial body



In early March 2012, Cascadian Settler, MelonzJuice(who was a resident of Portland at the time) conducted an expedition northwest of Portland in search for Gold. He then settled and established in the area of what is now the Town of Astoria.

Other multiple Portland residents migrated to establish their home in the newly established town.


Astoria is fast developing in economy and infrastructure. However not as developed as some other towns, Astoria has a stable and successful government, and strives to be a town of realism.