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Alaska, also known as the Republic of Alaska, is one of the longest lasting nations on EarthPol. Located in North America, specifically in the irl state of Alaska and Yukon Territory of Canada, the Republic of Alaska was originally founded by Rebelucian in the first version of EarthPol.

Through the versions

Version 1.0

On Version 1.0, Alaska was a relatively small nation compared to others on the server. The nation mostly kept to themselves and rarely participated in conflicts, other than the conflict between NATO and Finland. Alaska often fought with NATO when it did participate.

Version 2.0

This time around, Alaska was a larger nation that built their economy and city structures to the modern standard of the server. The capital city, Anchorage, was a medium sized city with a small market at the heart of the town. Alaska's population grew and the nation was involved in many battles, such as the Battle of New York, the Invasion of Vienna, and assisted Japan with a siege directed towards the nation of Qin.

Version 3.0

Alaska on V3 felt like a completely different nation. With the addition of many new members such as fuuii and NcH4mm3r, the nation's economy grew rapidy, becoming one of the largest on the server. The capital of Anchorage was similar to the city on V2, however the shopping district was much larger and residents were joining the town by the minute. Towards the end of V3 Alaska brought in many refugees from the recently disbanded nation of Canada, which is why its population grew in the final months of the server.

Version 4.0

Alaska was absent on Version 4, the members of the nation split into a few different nations or did not play the version at all.

Version 5.0

As of now (5/17/2022), the members of Alaska have reunited back into their former nation. Alaska is expected to return when EarthPol Version 5 releases.

Alaska News Network

In May of 2022, Alaska created a news network in the absence of EarthPol Live. This News Network reports on all things EarthPol, and provides daily updates on what's going on in the server that you might miss.

Join the ANN Discord:

Alaska TikTok

During the fuuii Presidency, Alaska created a TikTok for the nation.

Alaska TikTok:

Notable Leaders

President Rebelucian (V1-V5)

President fuuii (V3-V5)

President smoreeees (V2-V5)

Vice President Jack Vernier (V3)

Secretary PhantomRLX (V1-V5)

Secretary PB80220 (V2-V5)

Mayor weekmemes (V2-V5)

Mayor ForgetfulTsu (V2-V4)

General NcH4mm3r (V2-V3)

Notable Builds

2021-02-23 17.57.30.png

The Capitol of the Republic of Alaska. Based off of the Colorado State Capitol building irl, the Capitol of Alaska is a 6 story quartz and diorite government structure designed to hold meetings and offices for the nation's government.

To make room for the Capitol building, the Alaskan government dug out an entire mountainside in order to fit the massive building on the Anchorage peninsula.


The Republic of Alaska is a Representative Democracy which holds elections for its major leaders. Mayors of towns are not elected but residents are able to move to different towns in the nation if they do not feel represented in their original town. The Presidential Elections have occurred randomly in the past because of the many different versions and lack of competition in the race. In June of 2021, a Presidential Election was hosted making President fuuii the second President of the Republic of Alaska. In this race fuuii ran against bennybagadounts and won by a large majority.


The Republic of Alaska is currently involved in two major alliances.

  • The Coalition
  • Private Alliance with The Crusaders (Nation)


Alaska runs a market economy selling and buying different items in the game, usually at a shopping district in the capitol city. Alaska became famous for its seemingly infinite supply of enchantment books and exp bottles that NcH4mm3r and fuuii sold in the town square.

On V5 the nation plans to have an even larger market hoping to sell almost every block or item that you may need!